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Australian Wildfires

Posted by Lucky Peach on

The wildfires in Australia have been devastating to the local ecosystem so far, and they don't appear to be stopping in the near future. Australia is also facing other extreme weather phenomena such as hail larger than golf balls.

Until the fires have stopped and the ecosystem has started to recover, we'll donate 10% of our monthly profits to charity, and we'll be splitting this between two separate foundations.


Helping Communities:

5% of our monthly profits will go to the Australian Red Cross. We've chosen to donate to this charity because of the work they've been doing to support the affected communities. Since the start of the fires in September 2019, the Australian Red Cross has helped to send over 1,200 volunteers to assist the affected communities, and is supporting over 60 evacuation and recovery centers.


Helping Wildlife:

5% of our monthly profits will go to Wildlife Rescue Incorporated in Australia. This charity organization offers a 24-hour, Australia-wide call center to facilitate the rescue of native animals. They've been supporting the native wildlife and the local communities since 2011.